Honestly? Some of the Best Saint Patrick’s Day Decor Is on Amazon

Good luck is not included with purchase.


I'm just gonna say it: Some of the best St. Patrick's Day decor is on Amazon, and I'm! Not! Just! Saying! That! Find me somewhere else that sells cute, St. Paddy's Day-inspired decorations that won't break the bank and can be delivered in just two days—I'll wait.

Don't believe me? Well, you've certainly got the luck of the Irish on your side, because I've taken the liberty of scoping out the home decor market on Amazon and am proud to announce that there are tons of (non-cheesy!) shamrock-adorned decorations on the site. (Brief intermission: I'd like to reemphasize the fact that these selects are, ahem, chic and not cheugy. No gaudy pots of gold or wee leprechauns here!)

From elevated throw blankets and spots of greenery that you'll want to have out year-round to festive tableware and decorative pieces that are perfect for any St. Patrick's Day party, shop it all now, below! March 17 is getting closer and closer...

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