Through the Country Living Marketplace, we are endeavouring to protect and advance the brand identity and reputation associated with the Country Living UK brand. We are excited that you have decided to join the Marketplace. As a Seller on the Marketplace, we know that you too will see the value that already exists in the Country Living brand, and it is important that you don’t misuse our intellectual property. We will provide you with a Country Living Marketplace roundel (what we call the “CLM Logo” in the Conditions) when you set up your Account. From time to time, we may update or change it, but we hope you will use this roundel to promote your presence on the Marketplace. Please comply with the guidance below and the terms of our Agreement when using the CLM Logo and/or the name Country Living Marketplace.


Use of the Country Living Marketplace Logo and name:

We hope that you will highlight to your shoppers that you are a Seller on the Country Living Marketplace.

It is crucial that any references you make to the Country Living Marketplace, and your involvement with Us, does not and will not mislead consumers, infringe Hearst’s or any third-party rights or bring Us into disrepute. Any references you make must not imply to consumers that we have endorsed your product, made you a partner of Hearst or Country Living or the Marketplace, or that you are employed by Country Living, or Hearst by being on the Marketplace. You must always make it clear that your business is separate and unrelated to ours and the Marketplace. For example:

  • All references should be to “the Country Living Marketplace” (not just “Country Living”).
  • Always use your own company name and branding on your products, in any ads or other communications with third parties or buyers, and anywhere that you display the Marketplace roundel or name.
  • If you are in communication with a Customer (e.g. through the Marketplace Messaging Service) always ensure that the Customer knows that they are communicating with and buying from your brand, not Hearst or Country Living or the Marketplace;
  • For any content in product or business descriptions, we encourage you to refer to your participation in the Country Living Marketplace, but this must not be at the forefront of the message or display. Please use your own logos and business descriptions, with the Country Living Marketplace in the secondary content.


Country Living Marketplace Roundel (the CLM Logo):

We would love you to use the roundel in your own marketing and promotional materials to support your presence on the site and highlight to your shoppers your involvement with the Country Living Marketplace. For this, we have set out our Do’s and Don’ts below.

Please do not:

  • Alter the colour or transparency of the CLM Logo
  • Increase or decrease the size of the CLM Logo
  • Crop or remove elements of the CLM Logo
  • Incorporate any additional colours or wording on top which covers the CLM logo
  • Add in any additional wording or your own logo over the top of the CLM Logo
  • Otherwise alter, edit or modify in any way or do anything that would affect the quality of the CLM Logo
  • Use the CLM Logo on any of your products or merchandising materials. Being a Seller on the Marketplace is not an endorsement by Country Living of your brand. If you are interested in endorsement opportunities by a Hearst brand, please contact the Country Living Marketplace Team.
  • Use the CLM Logo as your own logo for your own brand. The CLM Logo should be used exclusively to support and promote your participation in the Country Living Marketplace.

Please do:

  • Add the CLM Logo to your website (but not your domain name)
  • Add the CLM Logo into your email signatures and social media (but not as your username or profile picture or in such a way as to suggest endorsement or partnership with the Marketplace or Country Living)
  • Add the CLM Logo to any marketing or promotional material (subject to the conditions set out herein)
  • Add to advertising that you may be carrying out through third party platforms (e.g., if you purchase an advert somewhere, you can include the CLM Logo in there)

If we send you an updated or new version of the CLM Logo, you should promptly remove the old CLM Logo from anywhere you’ve placed it and use the latest version instead.


Our Use of Your Brand

Remember that we might also from time to time use your name, logo, and Shopfront Content for our own purposes, such as to promote the Country Living Marketplace. For more information, please see our Seller Terms and Conditions.