We want to ensure a smooth and efficient shopping experience for Customers. Providing clear information on Delivery and Fulfilment is an important part of that. Please follow the guidance below to set your Delivery Rate(s) and Delivery Timeframe(s).

If you need any support, please contact us at

Delivery Rates:

We encourage Sellers to offer Free Delivery (our standard option) as this will provide a better customer experience. If you offer Free Delivery, we suggest incorporating the cost of delivery into the price of the product. This will be the default setting within the platform unless you specify otherwise.

However, if you would like to set your own delivery rate (not free), please contact the team on the email above. You will be able to create up to three additional options and you can specify which products you would like to charge which delivery rate for.

Delivery Timeframes:

Please decide on a shipping timeframe that you can commit to. You can write your shipping timeframe and any additional information when you enter your details on your Storefront. Customers will be able to see this information on your Profile and your Product Listing page. Please follow the guidance below to write your shipping policy:

We suggest writing the timeframe, for example “Next Business Day Delivery” or “3 to 5 Business Days Delivery” and then adding, in brackets, any further information. For example, “(Tracked)”.

  • Next Business Day Delivery – This means the product will arrive the day after the customer orders it. You will need to post the product the same day as the Customer orders it and pay for Next Business Day delivery.
  • XX to XX Business Day Delivery – This means the product will arrive within the specified number of Business days. Please write this as numbers, not letters, e.g., “3 to 5” rather than “three to five”.
  • Tracked Delivery – You will pay for the delivery to be tracked and provide tracking details to the Customer.
  • Days – Ensure you clarify whether it is “Business Days” (Monday to Friday) or “Weekend” (Saturday to Sunday).
  • If delivery timeframes differ for any bespoke or specialised items (for example personalised products), you must make this clear on your Product page.
  • The Country Living Marketplace is intended for businesses and Customers based in the UK only. Delivery outside of the UK is currently unavailable and therefore any delivery options suggested will not be accepted.

 Fulfilling Orders:

  • When a customer places an order, they will receive an email stating that they have placed their order. This is not the Order confirmation. The customer will not receive the Order confirmation until you confirm and approve the Order on the app. As soon as you receive an order, please confirm within the app so that the customer knows you have accepted their order.
  • Once you have posted an order, please change the order status to ‘Dispatched’. This will then send an automated email to the customer to let them know their product is on its way (Delivery Confirmation).
  • All items must be packaged appropriately to ensure safety in delivery. Please take particular care when packaging items which are delicate or fragile.
  • For any items which have an age restriction limit, you must enforce doorstep age verification upon delivery of the item to the customer. We suggest you keep a record of this each time in case evidence is required. In addition, you must ensure the product description includes information on the age restriction.

We remind you that, when you sell a Product on the Marketplace, the Contract for Sale is between you and the customer only. Hearst is not party to that contract and will not be liable in any way in respect of that contract including, for example, for any delays in postage or delivery of products to a customer.

Any breach of the Delivery and Fulfilment policy may be considered a material breach of our Agreement. If so, you will be notified in writing (via email). Please refer to the Restriction, Suspension and Termination Policy to understand the next steps.