On the Country Living Marketplace, products will be listed within the appropriate categories based on the tags that you assign to your products. We recommend you choose your tags carefully using the Taxonomy Sheet in the Seller Guide, ensuring they are relevant and accurate to each of your Products. If you tag your products incorrectly, they will not show up in the right category for Customers.

Once your products are on the site, the product ranking process will sort the products as explained below.

Customers will be able to search for products in two ways: by searching for a product using the Search Bar, or by navigating to a category.

Option 1: Search Bar

The Search Bar enables customers to enter their own search terms to find a product of their choice. This is a free text search tool bar.

The term used by the customer will determine which products show and the order that they show in, based on relevance to that term. To make sure your products show up, you can make sure your content is as strong as possible. The site will count the number of matches between the actual search query, and the content of the product fields chosen for search. It will then display the most relevant products for each search query.

To influence this, make sure you include relevant and accurate information about the product. This includes your product title, description and tags. Follow the advice in the Seller Guide to write this information. In your description, include information on the product’s size, style, colour, material, features, pattern and the process of making it. The more relevant information you include, the higher the chance your product will match the search query.

Option 2: Category Listing

On each category listing page, the default order of products will either be based on:

  1. Best Selling (meaning that all products will be displayed in order of how many times the product is purchased); or
  2. Featured (meaning that the Country Living Marketplace team reserve the right to alter the order of products manually to feature selected products at the top. This may include products that match popular search terms or products that meet seasonal demands. We are more likely to put products higher in the category page if they have strong titles, descriptions and imagery which follows the guidance in our Seller Guide). This is created at the Marketplace team’s discretion.

Customers will be able to sort and filter the listing order themselves.

To sort the list in a specific order using the ‘sort’ bar, the options will be as follows:

  • Best Selling
  • Newest
  • Newest Last
  • Alphabetically (A to Z)
  • Alphabetically (Z to A)
  • Price: Low to High
  • Price: High to Low

To filter the list using the ‘filter’ bar which will remove any products not requested, the options will be as follows:

  • Availability
  • Price
  • Product Type
  • Brand
  • Colour

Out of Stock Items

Out of stock items will appear at the end of the product list, and customers will not be able to order them until they come back in stock, so make sure you regularly check your product inventory and that it is up to date.

Country Living Magazine Products

Any products which are listed under the Country Living Magazine brand name will be listed with the same ranking mechanisms as all Sellers. There will be no priority given to these products.

Featured Listings

From time to time, there will be a dedicated category page which will feature selected products from the site. This listing would include seasonal categories (such as Easter or Christmas) as well as other promotional collections such as ‘New In’, ‘Sustainable’ or ‘Trending’ products. This list is curated by the Country Living Marketplace Team and chosen at their discretion. In addition, the Country Living Marketplace Team will regularly update the homepage of the website to suit seasonal trends and demands. The homepage may link to collections of products curated by the team.

Sponsored Listings

The Country Living Marketplace may offer the option for you to purchase a sponsored listing, which would enable your Product to be listed higher in the chosen category, alongside a sponsorship label. For more information on this, please contact the team at

Bad Faith Manipulation

Bad faith manipulation of product ranking system on the Marketplace (such as including words in your description or title which do not accurately reflect the product) is misleading to Customer and will be deemed a material breach of the Agreement between us. This may result in us taking action under the Restriction, Suspension and Termination Policy. You are reminded that as a trader, you are also required to comply with all applicable Consumer Rights laws and regulation which may be breached if you mislead your consumers such as through bad faith manipulation of the Marketplace product ranking system.