To maintain the ethos of the Country Living brand and to provide clarity on the products which a seller can upload to the Country Living Marketplace, or otherwise offer for sale through their business, this policy sets out which categories of product may not be sold by Sellers, whether on the Marketplace or otherwise. This is not an exhaustive list of all restricted Products. Sellers must always comply with all applicable laws and regulations in relation to the listing, sale, and fulfilment of goods to consumers. Please note that, to protect our reputation, this policy applies to sales by Sellers both on and off the Marketplace. Please read this Policy in conjunction with the Conditions and other Policies.

Any breach of the Restricted Products Policy is a material breach of our Agreement. Please refer to Clause 19 of the Conditions, and the Restriction, Suspension and Termination Policy to understand how we will handle such a breach.

The items listed below may not be sold or listed for sale by a Seller on the Marketplace. Our decision is final, and we will not enter into any further correspondence once we have informed you of our decision.

If you are in doubt, please contact Us at

Restricted Products List:

The following may not be listed for sale on the Country Living Marketplace. If they are listed, this may result in us taking action under this Policy or the Restriction, Suspension and Termination Policy:

  • Animals and Humans
  1. Live animals
  2. Items made from ivory or bones from ivory-producing animals
  3. Products made from endangered animals
  4. Products made from human remains or items from the human body
  5. Products made entirely of or including real fur (excluding natural by-products such as sheep wool or alpaca)
  • Charity and Fundraising

Items sold to raise money for charities or fundraising opportunities are prohibited without prior written approval from the Country Living Marketplace Team. This includes charity promotions as part of other Products, or fundraising awareness by the seller through product listings.

  • Dangerous Items
  1. Flammable items
  2. Any explosive items or fireworks
  3. Weapons or firearms
  4. Products which have previously been recalled
  • Vouchers & Tickets
    1. Vouchers for Your Company and/or Products are prohibited.
    2. You can sell workshops or experiences (whether online or physical) that align with the Country Living brand through the Marketplace, subject to prior written approval.
  • Digital Products or Services

Other than virtual workshops and experiences as described above, digital products and services are prohibited including (without limitation):

  1. Music and Theatrical content only available as a download;
  2. Professional or personal services such as marketing advice, product tutorials or food and drink services;
  3. Downloadable material (such as art, stationery, cards or other products which can be downloaded).
  • Illegal Products

Items which promote any illegal activity or are illegal to own or sell in the UK. In addition, any products which have been sought or obtained illegally, including stolen property.

  • Mature and Adult Only

Any products which are pornographic are prohibited. This includes a product which displays or describes any erotic behaviour, sex organs or sex acts for the purpose of arousal. Some mature content may be admitted with our prior written approval.

  • Property or Land

A Seller is not permitted to sell a property, residence, or land through the site.

  • Tobacco, Drugs and Medicine
  1. Tobacco products
  2. Medical drugs
  3. Drug paraphernalia or promotional products of drug misuse
  4. Homeopathic medicine
  5. CBD or equivalent products
  • Travel
  1. Travel tickets (train, plane, bus, boat or any other form of transport)
  2. Any accommodation
  3. Vouchers or tickets for travel excursions
  • Used Items

Any items which have been previously owned are not permitted. This excludes items which have been refunded due to Customer returns and exchanges.

The purpose of the Country Living Marketplace is to enable you as a business to trade your products on the site, not for peer-to-peer selling of pre-owned belongings.

Any items which are classified as ‘Antiques’ are permitted, but this must be checked and authorised in advance by the Country Living Team.

  • Violent Products

Any items which in our opinion promote or glorify violence are prohibited. This includes any items which encourage or celebrate acts of violence, encourage self-harm, or exploit natural disasters and human tragedies. Items which promote hate crimes are included in this restriction.

  • Wood Items

Any items made or part made from wood must be sourced sustainably and be FSC, SFI, CSA, Smartwood certified. Any wood sourced which has not been certified is prohibited.

  • Other

Any other items which we deem, at our discretion, are unlawful, immoral or otherwise inappropriate. If in doubt, please speak to a member of the Country Living Team.