You are reminded of your responsibility to comply with all applicable laws in relation to your Shopfront, Products, and Contracts for Sale with consumers on the Marketplace, including those relating to consumer protection and product liability.

Should a Customer change their mind and, where they have right to, decide to return a product that they have purchased from you, we have provided a set of terms to help clarify what is eligible for returns, and the process.

Items which are applicable for returns and exchanges

  • In most cases, consumers are entitled to a minimum of 14 days (including weekends), from the day they receive a Product, to change their mind, cancel a Contract for Sale, and request to receive a refund or (if available) an exchange. You might wish to offer a longer period of time for consumers to change their mind. Whatever the duration, you must make this clear on your Shopfront and Product pages.
  • If a customer decides to change their mind, they will notify you via the Marketplace Messaging Service, or by requesting a refund via their online account which will come through to you via email as a request. You must promptly explain the returns process to the customer, including how they should return the item to you in order to receive a refund or (if applicable) arrange an exchange. You must promptly acknowledge receipt of the returned Product(s) via the Marketplace. Information on how to process this is available in the Seller User Guide.
  • For refunds, once you have received a returned product, you must confirm this in the Marketplace CMS promptly, which will cause an automated email to be sent to the customer advising when the refund will reach their account. Funds in your account will be used to refund the customer. If your account does not have sufficient funds to cover the refund, you will receive a notification to add funds to your Stripe account. You must do this as soon as possible and in any event in enough time to enable the refund to be processed to the Customer.
  • If an exchange is agreed with the customer via the Marketplace Messaging Service, you must update the Marketplace CMS which will automatically send an Order Confirmation to the Customer with details of the exchanged item. When you have dispatched the new item, update the CMS as you would for any sale and a Delivery Confirmation will be sent to the customer. Products can only be exchanged if the alternate product is in stock.
  • Please ensure the Bespoke Terms for each Product and your Shopfront are up to date and accurate at all times with respect to your returns and/or exchanges policy and process. If a customer would like to return or exchange a product which they have purchased from you, your Bespoke Terms, and the terms set out in the Order Confirmation and Shipping Confirmation will apply. You must honour these terms. Not to do so will be deemed a material breach of your Agreement with Us.
  • If you decide to deliver Product(s) outside the UK, please ensure you clearly include the return and exchange details to cover this on each product listing and in the purchase journey.
  • Any items which are delicate and/or require more specialist deliveries (I.e. courier), must have clear instructions on how the product must be returned. The return cost of items which do require a more specialist courier cannot be enforced on the customer.
  • All returns must be managed between yourself and the customer via the Marketplace, and We will not be responsible or accountable for this.
  • If the customer has a complaint regarding a product or interaction with you, please see further details in our Complaints Handling Process document.

Items in relation to which the customer does not have a right to change their mind

  • Items made bespoke to order or personalised.
  • Perishable products (food or drink, or anything with an expiration date).
  • Any personal items which are purchased with a seal for hygiene (earrings or beauty products).

Unless these items are not of satisfactory quality or do not conform to their specification.

For these items under returns or exchanges, ensure you make it clear if these are applicable or not to each product.

  • For items which are not applicable for returns or an exchange, ensure this made clear in the product description, as well as in your bespoke terms. For the avoidance of doubt, please use for non-refund items the term – ‘non-refundable and non-returnable.’
  • If these items are bespoke, we recommend you advise to the customer that they have the right to change their mind and cancel the order when it is placed.


Returns and Fees of commissions on orders

If a customer changes their mind and validly requests a refund and returns the Product(s) to You, then You must promptly update the return request in the CMS. This includes the details of amount due to be refunded to the customer in Stripe.

  • We will return the Commission Fee to you once the Refund status is completed in CMS.


Returns of cancelled orders by you

  • To maintain a good customer experience on the Marketplace, you must not cancel or decline an order. However, we appreciate there may be times when there are unforeseen circumstances which impact order fulfilment. The below provides an overview of when the Commission Fee you have paid in respect of a Contract for Sale will be refunded to you, and when it will not, if You are unable to fulfil the order, and/or cancel an order.
  • We will fully refund the Commission Fee to you if you can prove that you have been forced to cancel an order due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control. These include for example, an unforeseeable fire or flood in your warehouse which destroys the Product that is the subject of the order.
  • You will not be entitled to a refund of the Commission Fee if you cancel an order for any other reason. For example, stock level management, planned time away so you would not be around to fulfil orders or issues with your supply chain.
    • You must only cancel an order when unavoidable and ensure your Shopfront and stock levels are kept up to date (particularly if you sell elsewhere).

Breaches of this policy will be deemed a material breach of the Agreement between us. Please refer to the Restriction, Suspension and Termination Policy for further information on how we might handle this.